Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

Learning From Nature

            Nature is all the animals, plants and human in the world and all the features, forces and processes that happen on exist independently of people, such as the  weather, the sea, mountains, the production of young animals or plants, and growth. The elements of nature is earth, air, water, and fire. There is many hidden service from nature like pollination of crops, water we need to drink, break down waste and many more.
            Nature have many benefits such as release worry and stress, sources of inspiration, stimulating our imagination, sharpen our senses and many more. But we often didn’t appreciate the presence of nature by doing some of the problem of nature like water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, energy waste, littering, global, exploitation, overpopulation, nature resource depletion, waste disposal, climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, urban sprawl, public health issues, genetic engineering, and many more. Therefore, we must realize that our earth has been in danger. So we have to find the solution of the nature problem. There is many nature problem solution such as saving water, saving electricity, saving gas, reforestation, reduce, reuse, recycle, greening transportation, revving up renewable, phasing out fossil fuel electricity, managing forests and agriculture, exploring nuclear, developing and deploying new low-carbon and zero-carbon and zero-carbon technologies. Ensuring sustainable development.
            What happened if we didn’t change our mind to save nature? . It will cause some problems like littering such as millions of birds, fish, and many animals died from litter. Other than that, there will cause energy waste to cause exhaustion of nature resource. Global warming like floods, droughts, heat waves, tornados, change in temperature and precipitation patterns increase the frequency, and intensity of other extreme weather events. Water pollution causes the death of milliards of fish and other animals, human food poisoning, and skin diseases. Ozone depletion causes skin cancer, plankton may not be able to survive, other ecosystem such as forest and deserts will also be harmed.

            So we must to save our nature for a better life in future for the next generation.

Minggu, 05 Februari 2017

Person Who Save Me

Actually, the most person who save me in 1 month ago is my old friend, Aghnan. He is my best friend when I was in junior high school. When we was high school, we have a different high school, so we rarely seen each other. Someday in last January, I was almost late and I forget that I didn’t bring some money to go to school by some public transportation. Fortunately I remembered it before I entered the public transportation. I ran so fast to my home. Suddenly I meet my old friend, Aghnan when he was riding a motorcycle to pick up his little brother. He ask me why I was running so fast. I explained him and then he took his wallet to gave me the cost. I’m very thankful and I said that I will pay it back double. I ran back into public transportation roadway. Fortunately in that day I didn’t late because of him. About  1 week later, I meet again with him then I gave him some money to pay it back double because I was so thankful because of him. I hope he read this.

Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

My Holiday

My Holiday

         Last holiday, I mostly spent my free time in my own city, Bandung. Just like hangout with my friends or my family. Beside that, I spent my time to Angklung practiced and watched some film. Sometime during the holidays I saw photos of my friends with their family went to other country like Mecca, Japan and other in my social media. Actually when a first week in last holiday, my father went to Japan. I'm quite happy when my father came home even I didn't took a vacation to Japan, it;s because he bought me some souvenirs. I really want to have some vacation to a place I never visit. When the holiday almost over, I just felt bored with this holiday and I said that to my father. Everything change when my father answered me. I didn't expected that my father said that he want to took a vacation to Cirebon with my family. But the holiday almost over, only two days left. My father said that this two days was going to be much fun if my family prefer to choose holiday to Cirebon only 2 days, and then my family agreed.

         My family went to Cirebon with a car and we arrived about four hours after departure. After we chose some hotel to have a break, we went to find some culinary in Cirebon like Empal Gentong and Nasi Jamblang. And we find it, when I want to ordered Nasi Jamblang, I surprised that the rice is very small. And my mom was laughing when she saw that I was surprised. My mom said that the food is ordinary serve a lot of side dish and small portion of rice. After I ate Nasi Jamblang, I tried to ate Empal Gentong. At first when the waiter serve Empal Gentong, it smells good. I can't wait to tasted it. When
i tasted it, it tasted like kind of Soto. Honestly this Soto is the most delicious Soto i had ever tasted. The meat was tender so i like it. The seasoning was very perfect in my tounge. After I and my family had some culinary, we went around Cirebon until night. After that, we take a rest. The next day we return to Bandung. it was very fast, this two days is unforgettable. Maybe for another people, they prefer to choose to traveling to other country. But for me, traveling in my country, Indonesia is more fun and unforgettable. Especially the culinary. That's all from me, thank you for reading.

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

The Seven Ravens
          There was once a man who had seven sons, and still he had no daughter, however much he wished for one.  At length his wife again gave him hope of a child, and when it came into the world it was a girl.  The joy was great, but the child was sickly and small, and had to be privately baptized on account of its weakness.  The father sent one of the boys in haste to the spring to fetch water for the baptism.  The other six went with him, and as each of them wanted to be first to fill it, the jug fell into the well.  There they stood and did not know what to do, and none of them dared to go home.  As they still did not return, the father grew impatient, and said, they have certainly forgotten it while playing some game, the wicked boys.  He became afraid that the girl would have to die without being baptized, and in his anger cried, I wish the boys were all turned into ravens.  Hardly was the word spoken before he heard a whirring of wings over his head, looked up and saw seven coal-black ravens flying away.

        The parents could not withdraw the curse, and however sad they were at the loss of their seven sons, they still to some extent comforted themselves with their dear little daughter, who soon grew strong and every day became more beautiful.  For a long time she did not know that she had had brothers,for her parents were careful not to mention them before her, but one day she accidentally heard some people saying of herself, that the girl was certainly beautiful, but that in reality she was to blame for the misfortune which had befallen her seven brothers.  Then she was much troubled, and went to her father and mother and asked if it was true that she had had brothers, and what had become of them.  The parents now dared keep the secret no longer, but said that what had befallen her brothers was the will of heaven, and that her birth had only been the innocent cause.  But the maiden took it to heart daily, and thought she must save her brothers.  She had no rest or peace until she set out secretly, and went forth into the wide world to search for her brothers and set them free, let it cost what it might.  She took nothing with her but a little ring belonging to her parents as a keepsake, a loaf of bread against hunger, a little pitcher of water against thirst, and a little chair as a provision against weariness.

          And now she went continually on wards, far, far to the very end of the world.  Then she came to the sun, but it was too hot and terrible, and devoured little children.  Hastily she ran away, and ran to the moon, but it was far too cold, and also awful and malicious, and when it saw the child, it said, I smell, I smell the flesh of men.  At this she ran swiftly away, and came to the stars, which were kind and good to her, and each of them sat on its own particular little chair.  But the morning star arose, and gave her the drumstick of a chicken, and said, if you have not that drumstick you can not open the glass mountain, and in the glass mountain are your brothers.
        The maiden took the drumstick, wrapped it carefully in a cloth, and went on wards again until she came to the glass mountain.  The door was shut, and she thought she would take out the drumstick. But when she undid the cloth, it was empty, and she had lost the good star's present.  What was she now to do.  She wished to rescue her brothers, and had no key to the glass mountain.  The good sister took a knife, cut off one of her little fingers, put it in the door, and succeeded in opening it.  When she had gone inside, a little dwarf came to meet her, who said, my child, what are you looking for.  I am looking for my brothers, the seven ravens, she replied.  The dwarf said, the lord ravens are not at home, but if you will wait here until they come, step in.  Thereupon the little dwarf carried the ravens' dinner in, on seven little plates, and in seven little glasses, and the little sister ate a morsel from each plate, and from each little glass she took a sip, but in the last little glass she dropped the ring which she had brought away with her.

       Suddenly she heard a whirring of wings and a rushing through the air, and then the little dwarf said, now the lord ravens are flying home.  Then they came, and wanted to eat and drink, and looked for their little plates and glasses.  Then said one after the other, who has eaten something from my plate.  Who has drunk out of my little glass.  It was a human mouth.  And when the seventh came to the bottom of the glass, the ring rolled against his mouth.  Then he looked at it, and saw that it was a ring belonging to his father and mother, and said, God grant that our sister may be here, and then we shall be free.  When the maiden, who was standing behind the door watching, heard that wish, she came forth, and on this all the ravens were restored to their human form again.  And they embraced and kissed each other, and went joyfully home.
Source ENGLISHINDO.COM Referensi Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online: http://www.englishindo.com/2011/12/dongeng-bahasa-inggris-7-gagak-seven.html#ixzz4OCbYEtJB
1. Why the boys were all turned into ravens ?
 a. Because the father angry with the boys and wished some curse.
 b. Because the boys fell the jug into the well.
 c. Because the boys fail the baptized.
 d. Because the boys didn't return.
 e. Because the girl die.
2.  Why the girl had no rest or peace ?
 a. Because she didn't find her brother.
 b. Because she became more beautifull.
 c. Because her parents couldn't withdraw the curse
 d. Because she accidentally heard some people saying of herself, that she was to blame for the misfortune which had befallen her seven brothers.
 e. Because her parents said that what had befallen her brothers was the will of heaven, and that her birth had only been the incorect cause.
3. What did the good star's give to the girl ?
 a. Key.
 b. Gold.
 c. Ring.
 d. Her brothers. 
 e. The chicken's drumstick.
4. What did the girl do when she lose the drumstick ?
 a. Cried
 b. Wished
 c. She cut her little fingers.
 d. Search the good star's
 e. She search some knife.
5.  But when she undid the cloth, it was empty, and she had lost the good star's present.
What is the underline meaning?
a. gift.
b. awarding.
c. conferment.
d. Bestowal.
e. Conference.

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2016

Announcement Of National Exam

          One of the unforgettable moment of my life is the the announcement of national exam. At first, about 5 or 6 days before the announcement of national exam started, I got sick. The disease who suffered was dengue fever. At that time i was hospitalized in Borromeus hospital. That time was making me and my family worried. When i was hospitalized, some nurse asked me that what high school do i choose. I answered 3 National High School. Until finally I was quite recovered and allow to return from the hospital on 8 June 2016, 3 days before the announcement of the national exam started. Maybe i sick because I'm sick because I'm too worried waiting my grades was announced.

          The announcement of national exam started at 11 June 2016. Actually 1 day before the announcement of national exam started, it was my birthday in 10 June 2016. I hoped that my grades was becoming a memorable and the best birthday gift from my god. In that moment i always prayed after i finished doing shalat although i haven't completely healed. 

          And this is it, the time who full of tension and worries, announcement of national exam. In my school this announcement was take place in the school hall. I remember before the announcement day was started, I prayed dhuha, that made me more peaceful. Then i went to school in 01:30 PM. When the students and their parents gathered in the school hall, the announcement of the highest grade each subject. Starts from Indonesian language highest grades. I think that my grade was on average only because I've never been ranked at the top when I'm doing some try out in my school. But the reality when the names that get the highest score was announced, the name who called was me and 1 of my friend, Rifky who now in the same high scool with me. the grade was 96,0 ,huft. . . i though that my grade was 100,0 but at least I was surprised that i got the highest grade in the national exam. But in  the next announcement that was the math highest grade, I didn't have a highest score. I got 92,0 in math. At that time i was gratefull but had some disappointed felling because i didn't make my teacher proud of me. My teacher, Mr Andri was he kindness teacher i had ever seen.  At the first time in 9th class, my math grade was below the average in some exercise of national exam called "checkpoint". at that time Mr. Andri always teaching me if i didn't understand the lesson, and at that time myself just asked me to change, so i decide to study more from many books and finish every exercise in that books. And finally when the national exam was imminent, my grades in every math try out wasn't bellow the average, even my grade was beyond the expectation. Because of that i want to show my teacher that I had change. But my math grade in national exam wasn't the highest grade. I just worried if i got 80,0 in mat. The next announcement was English grade. I didn't got the highest grade but at least I have worked hard to get the best grade. I got 92,5 in English. I think that grade was quite enough for me because usually i got 87,5 in the school try out. Then the last announcement was the highest grade in science. The teacher said that there was one student that had grade 100,0 in science, i was impressed who is that student. Actually that student is me. I was very surprised. I thought that i was mishear. I don't believe it i got 100,0 in science. Even my parents didn't believe. I was very grateful, finally my works all this time was replied. Thank god for every surprise in this day, i believe withous your help maybe i didn't have this bless and happiness.
          Maybe that my stories about some unforgettable moments. Actually i have many more, but maybe sometime i tell you about my unforgettable moments. Thank you for your attention.

Selasa, 27 September 2016

My Favorite Place

         My favorite place is my bedroom. In my bedroom, there is a bed who pretty big  so sometime I use my bed as a place for studying.  My bed is pretty neat that make me comfortable to doing all my activity in the bed like reading a novel, drawing, studying, sleeping, chatting, playing an online game, and many more except eating.

             In my bedroom there is a table or desk for studying. Sometime this desk isn't neat when it is used to studying. But after being used to study, I usually tidy up the desk to make it look neat. There is a calendar in front of the desk. This calendar usually help me in knowing some of the deadlines and test dates. This calendar has helped me to be more disciplined in time management.

           Right at the top of the calendar there is a secret room were quite narrow. I use this room when i have a bad day or a sadness because in this narrow rooms, there are some snacks that make me happy like a chocolate and green tea snacks. I believe that when i eat some snacks in that room, my sadness is become a happiness. Beside that, there are some stuffs that full of memories. The memories that made me motivated to move on and never repeat the same mistakes.

Rabu, 14 September 2016

Megantara 2016

    Megantara is an art, literature, and culture festival in SMAN 3 Bandung. Before Megantara, there were Matswapati in 2014 and Gamarvani in 2015. Megantara was held on September 10, 2016. This festival was located at Lapangan Bali. There were many food stand which was filled with many kinds of traditional Indonesian food like Sate Padang, Pempek, and many more. Before the open gate, there was a parade.

    In this festival, i became one of the performers for the fashion show. The fasion show displays various kinds of authentic clothing from each provinces in Indonesia. Each class should give 3 representative to perform the fashion show. Three representative of my class was Dira, Timo, and me. I got chosen to wear the native clothes from West Sulawesi.Meanwhile Dira wears the native clothes from Yogyakarta and Timo wears the native clothes from Nusa Tenggara Timur.

    We perform our best in fashion show but unfortunately we didn't won. The winner was announced by the mayor of Bandung city Ridwan Kamil and got Rp.1.000.000,00 cash. The winner of this fashion show is Hafizd who wears the native clothes from Papua.
    Altough we didn't won the fashion show competition, at least we participated in this festival. We finished performing fashion show at about 05:45 PM and start changing our clothes. Unfortunately at that time we missed T'sT's performance. Im so dossapointed. My friends who wathed T'sT said it was a blast.After i changed clothes, i watch OSD ITB performance. Suddenly my parents called me to go home.Then my mother picked me up to go home.
    It was an amazing day that give me a lot of memory and experience. Thank you for your attention to read this all and dont forget to come in SMAN 3 Culture Festival in the next year. You will never regret it if you come.